FLYER MAY 2017 - A

THE 1 . 2 . 3 SALE




#1 TT BANDANA – Japanese Plonge Leather
AUDREY STANDARD – Silk Tulle top
TT BANDEAU – Viscose Jersey
CARY DELUXE – Suede shorts

#2 TT BANDANA – Lamb Suede
KATRINA – Linen Dress
BRITT – Cotton Tunic

#3 VINCE – Lamb Suede Vest
DEPP +4 – Linen Jersey Top
CARY DELUXE – Lamb Suede Shorts

#4 CINDY SS – Viscose Jersey Dress
TT leather belt
TT Fur and Shearling Bolero


Travis Taddeo Invites You to PARKLUXE 2015 presented by Bankers Hall

Travis Taddeo invites you to join us at PARKLUXE 2015 presented by Bankers Hall.


PARKLUXE 2015, PARK’s annual luxury fashion and art show, is taking place in the East Village on Saturday, October 3, and we have an exclusive 10% discount for Travis Taddeo’s clients to go to the fashion event of the season! This year’s show features talent from across Canada, including designers from Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal.


PARK was established as a means of promoting local artists and designers, and highlighting their work. Each ticket that you purchase goes directly back to funding other PARK initiatives such as PARKSALE (an annual outdoor artisan market), PARKSHOW (an art and fashion show for emerging talent), PARKSHOP (pop-up shops featuring PARK affiliated artists and designers), and the Emerging Artist & Designer Forum (an educational workshop for those new to the industry). By attending PARKLUXE, you will have the opportunity to shop their featured...

Lampes Bouteille Lamp

Q&A With André From Edition Boutique

Selected objects. Rare items. Exclusive pieces. Every time a must have.

When you find something you love, it’s important to spread the news. Discovering an amazing boutique on your street always gives your credit card exercise, but in this case immense pleasure as well.

Let us share the word of our new favourite boutique – Edition 361 Rue Saint Paul Ouest Montréal (Québec)

Here’s us getting to know Edition, hope you enjoy!

TT: A name is more than the letters that make up the word. What is the meaning and symbolism behind the store “Edition”?

André: I wanted a space where everyone would be able to find unique and playful items, signed by designers, creators and artists. So I decided to curate one-of-a-kind, limited editions of rare and small objects with strong personalities. It is very challenging for me since in 2015 it is not easy to find something that is not already sold everywhere thus making my search more exciting.



TT: There is an excellent mix of unique pieces...


Celebrating the 1st weekend of Spring — This is where everything starts

Entrevue du Huffington Post Qc. avec Travis Taddeo

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