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TRAVIS TADDEO presents distinctive women’s and men’s collections with minimalist yet intricate details created for an everyday wardrobe. Each collection offers a combination of everyday clothing and singular pieces marrying luxury wear with edgy street-wear.

Canadian award-winning designer Travis Taddeo launched his eponymous line in 2008. The philosophy behind the brand remained constant: Unique and comfortable, handcrafted clothing from the finest fabrics.

Hand Crafted

The beauty and appeal of handcrafted clothing requires talent, savoir-faire and traditional know- how that is increasingly lacking nowadays in fast fashion. At TRAVIS TADDEO, we believe in the importance of quality and traditional craftsmanship techniques. Our fabrics are hand- selected, hand-washed and hand-cut in our atelier in Old Montreal. Every piece of clothing is unique, hand-sewn skillfully and carefully. We work with passion, care and an attention to detail creating durable and timeless pieces.


At TRAVIS TADDEO we are committed to quality. We choose high-quality fabric for timeless pieces, always keeping in mind a balance between luxury and comfort. We work with a wide range of textiles that are carefully selected, hand-cut and hand-sewn in our Old Montreal atelier.

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Our world is minimal yet edgy, a world of unique style and handcrafted designed for the everyday life. At TRAVIS TADDEO we believe in fine and luxurious fabrics, precise cuts, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail.

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