Raw Minimalism


Brand DNA

TRAVIS TADDEO is a modern label based in New York. We design and tailor all our pieces in house, from the TT World season-less essentials to our exclusive capsule collections and limited-edition pieces. 

Our team is highly skilled, always favoring exceptional quality over quantity, selecting the finest raw materials and implementing traditional craftsmanship techniques for pieces that will be worn for a long time. Our line can effortlessly carry over from one season to the other and from morning to night, highlighting everyday wearability as layering staples or statement garments.

The design team offers exclusive customization and made-to-measure service, working with you to modify and personalize your favorite silhouettes from loungewear to leather pants and head-turning attire. 

Our Story

TRAVIS TADDEO’s journey stems from an innovative and sharp creative mind, where boundaries hold no place and empowerment is the motive, perpetually striving to infuse form and functionality with beauty and ease, further enhancing everyday style and aesthetics. 

Since establishing his namesake line in 2008, Travis Taddeo reinterpreted modern wear with his eclectic yet minimalist sensibility, his genderless approach to design, and his keen eye for unapologetic sensuality. 

A decade later, Taddeo launched TT World, a line of his essential pieces picked from 15 past collections. In 2017, TRAVIS TADDEO opened its first Boutique|Atelier in SoHo, New York where collections and limited editions are made,presented and sold year round.