TT Muse
February 2023

Meet Larissa
Doctor Portnoff completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and has a strong interest in providing support to the community through therapy, research, and technology. 



"I believe in creating mental healthcare access, and technology provides one way to expand healthcare resources."




Favorite Book:
"Dr. Monica Sharma wrote a book called Radical Transformational Leadership, and she worked at the UN for thirty years and teaches about how mindfulness comes through actionable change. She shares about why it’s crucial in a collective world to consider humanity, and to build up equitable leaders and systems. As I think about climate change, and current events it emphasizes the importance of knowing how to live side by side and work together when solving complex problems that impact us all."

Next Big Venture: 
Stay tuned for Larissa's community building meditation app, OnPurpose.
"The launch of our beta app will likely be (fingers crossed) April 2023."


To keep in contact with Doctor Portnoff -or- to receive an invitation code for her OnPurpose app, direct message her on Instagram: @larissa_onpurpose


Watch the video below to learn more about Larissa.

February 03, 2023