IT Boy

IT Boy


Travis Taddeo set the bar high this summer with his TT World line combined with specialty leathers. These 2017 looks are part of the TT HOMME seasonless essentials, featuring Eddie Tyler who rocked each look boldly and confidently thanks to photographer Danny Lang.


Co-CEO of Leatherdogs™ Collective and model, Eddie is a New Yorker showcasing his creative side wearing nothing but TRAVIS TADDEO pieces with a fun mix of casual linen and cotton tops paired with silver and black leather bottoms. All TRAVIS TADDEO can be found exclusively in our SoHo showroom or in our online store at

Nothing say’s New York ‘It Boy’ like TRAVIS TADDEO!


TRAVIS TADDEO Look 1: BLACK: Silk Bomber Jacket, BLACK: Mustle T, BLACK: Boy Shorts Deluxe, BLACK: CARY Shorts.

TRAVIS TADDEO Look 2: SILVER: Leather Pants, WHITE: Classic...

August 17, 2017 — Bold Apps