Le Bear in Plongé Leather


Le Bear is a charming and endearing piece, meant to add fun and joie de vivre to any space. As a part of our brand ethos, Le Bear is constructed from multiple pieces of our favorite leathers in an effort to ensure that we use every last bit of our precious raw materials. Each unique Le Bear is hand-sewn meticulously in our NYC atelier.

A playful singular gift for you or a loved one.  Le Bear is not for children under the age of 12.

Made in NYC

Raw Material: Plonge Leather (100% Leather).  Eyes made of Snap Metal Fasteners.  Filling is 100% recycled polyether. 

Care: We recommend using a water-based leather cleaner.

Shipping & Returns: Complimentary standard shipping and return in USA.  Read full shipping & return policy here.

Measurements: Body: 10" | Arms: 5" | Legs: 6" | Tail: 2"

Fabric Description & Care

Ultra light, luscious, and durable. Plongé is one of the softest, most lightweight cowhide leathers available. Through buffing of the outer natural markings and pigmenting of the grain, blemishes are erased for a consistent finish across hides. This process results in a flexible, lightweight leather that drapes beautifully against the skin.

Composition & Origins: Our black and brown Plongé Leather are 100% Japanese Bovine Leather.  Our red and navy Plongé Leather are 100% Italian Bovine Leather.  

Care: Use a water based leather cleaner. Clean the inside with a damp cloth.

Shipping & Returns

Complimentary standard shipping and return in the USA.  Read the full shipping & return policy here.